Ermineskin Cree Nation’s Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc. becomes the largest shareholder of First Nations Bank of Canada

Maskwacis, AB and Saskatoon, SK– April 11, 2022

First Nations Bank of Canada (FNBC) and Ermineskin Cree Nation’s (ECN) proudly announce
Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc. (NGCI), ECN’s economic development arm, investment in
Indigenous economic self-determination and community prosperity. NGCI now owns 18% of FNBC,
increasing the financial institution’s Indigenous ownership to 87%.

“We are excited and most proud of this venture as it sets out to promote economic opportunity for
Ermineskin Cree Nation. With this opportunity comes greater success for sustainability and growth,” said
Chief Randy Ermineskin.

ECN and their wholly owned economic development companies have a clear commitment and
ambitious strategies to increase community benefits and long-term opportunities. This investment will
support ECN’s culture-based approach to building economic diversity and people development through
economic participation, training, and employment.

FNBC will work closely with the Ermineskin Cree Nation and other Indigenous shareholders to expand
their retail and commercial banking services for Indigenous communities, governments, businesses,
organizations and individuals. The Bank provides shareholder value through growth in its capital value,
the payment of dividends and a focus on providing Indigenous focused financial services to Indigenous
markets across Canada.

“In 1996, the founders of First Nations Bank of Canada invested capital in creating a bank focused on
serving Indigenous customers with the financial services, focus and respect they deserved from their
financial institution. Twenty-five years later, FNBC is still attracting like-minded Indigenous shareholders
who appreciate the services we offer and the value creation we deliver to our owners,” said Keith
Martell, President & CEO.

About Ermineskin Cree Nation
Ermineskin Cree Nation /ˈɜːrmɪn.skɪn/ also known as the Ermineskin
Tribe (Cree: ᓀᔮᐢᑵᔮᕽ, neyâskweyâhk), is a Cree First Nation government in Alberta, Canada. A signatory
to Treaty 6, Ermineskin is one of the Four Nations of Maskwacis, Alberta’s largest Indigenous

About Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc.
NGCI was established in 2013 by ECN to surpass financial self-sufficiency and sustainability through longterm investments and business development. NGCI is incorporated under the Business Corporations Act
of Alberta as “a company limited by shares” with specific objects, including, but not limited to,
‘transform the economic and social well-being of the members’ of our Nation. Ermineskin Cree Nation
owns 100% shares of NGCI.

About First Nations Bank of Canada
FNBC is a Canadian chartered bank with over 87% Indigenous shareholders including groups from
Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec. FNBC is a leader
in the provision of financial services to Indigenous People and an advocate for the growth of the
Indigenous Economy and the economic well-being of Indigenous People.