Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc. was established on March 14, 2013.  Ermineskin Cree Nation Chief & Council passed a BCR on April 20, 2013 to approve the appointment of the NGCI Board of Directors whos continued responsibility is to surpass financial self-sufficiency and sustainability through long-term investments and business development. 

NGCI’s main objectives are:

  1. To promote, encourage, and enhance economic investment and development of the Ermineskin Cree Nation.
  2. To plan, finance, initiate, develop, construct, own, buy, sell, hold, manage, administer, operate, and promote economic ventures on behalf of the Nation.
  3. To create, coordinate, cooperate, and administer incentive programs for investments and job creation.
  4. To provide employment and training for members of the Nation.
  5. To promote the art and culture of the Nation and generally to improve the lives of the members of Ermineskin Cree Nation.
  6. To promote the economic and social welfare of the Nation by supporting recognized benevolent and charitable enterprises, federations, agencies and societies engaged in assisting the development, both economic and social, of the members of the Nation.

NGCI is committed to supplying quality products and services to our customers. Operational performance will be achieved through the requirements of our quality management system. All management is responsible to ensure that interested parties who can affect product and service quality understand and comply with our policies and procedures.

To this end, we at NGCI have invested in establishing a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.










The Creation of NGCI

The August 2012 Chief and Council ultimately approved the hiring of a group of consultants to prepare a comprehensive economic development plan, business corporate structure and strategy for the Nation.

Phase one consisted of an economic development review, which included an organizational, operational, and financial review of the companies, including economic activities operating at that time. After the review, several recommendations were presented to Chief and Council; the facts and figures were also reported to membership at a general, open Band meeting.

Phase two helped to determine and create an overall corporate structure that will manage and develop current and future economic development, and business operations. Chief and Council have discussed the separation of politics and business for several years, which is now one of NGCI’s operating policies. Through a partnership agreement with Chief and Council, new corporate and governance structures were developed. By March 14, 2013, Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc. was established. The Ermineskin Chief and Council passed a BCR on April 20, 2013 to approve the development of a board of directors to govern and direct the CEO and president to manage NGCI.

At that time, the following Ermineskin Cree Nation entities were transferred to NGCI:

  • Ermineskin Tribal Enterprises Ltd.
  • Ermineskin Commercial Properties, including: Maskwacis Mall, Ermineskin (Fas Gas) Gas Bar, and Elaine’s Smoke Shop

100% shares of NGCI are owned by Ermineskin Cree Nation; therefore, Ermineskin Cree Nation is the sole beneficiary of NGCI. 

The NGCI Board of Directors have been working diligently with the President and CEO to establish new business opportunities and resources to benefit Ermineskin Cree Nation. The Board of Directors provide leadership and direction to the company based on the input of our Shareholders (Ermineskin Cree Nation Chief and Council), yearly community consultation and governance practices.












NGCI is always looking for qualified partners and/or franchise owners. Contact us today for more information.