New business announcement

Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc., is bringing to you, two new businesses.


The Pitwahew & Gift Shop, and the Pemiciso Café & Bistro.  Both businesses will be opening at the same time and both are located inside the Maskwacis Mall.  There are several other new developments that are happening, and all the staff and management, and contractors of NGCInc are pleased and honored to be part of the new developments.  The businesses are set to attract customers by providing options of new hot menu options.  With a focus on the customer, the café will provide top notch, professionally trained staff and management to deliver menu choices with the freshest ingredients and high standards of food preparation.

Food & Wholesome Goodness

The Pemiciso Café & Bistro will focus on high standards in food preparation and   presentation; with more daily choices and options including fresh baked in-house goods such as cinnamon buns; baked bread for slicing and daily sandwich artistry; berry pies/ cream pies; cakes; and ready-made sandwiches and muffins for the grab and go option.  Breakfast sandwiches for people on the go and plated options for those who want to stay.  Also, the grab n go feature will offer a lighter side of ‘snack age’ grab n go selections such as veggie and fruit snacks; and yogurt; muffins.

The hot Made-to-order menu will feature organic proteins, healthy fats, roasted carbs and fresh raw vegetables. These ingredients will serve the community’s wish for wholesome goodness using fresh ingredients.

Pemiciso Café & Bistro are preparing its own in-house recipes for favorites such as: Classic Indian Taco – made with chili. Chili and frybread; bison burgers; bison chili; and bison chili fries.  Chili is loaded with protein and cooked vegetables is hearty and wholesome.

Dietary requirements & consistency…

Diabetic versions of the meals will exchange the bannock and potato options to a wholesome raw veggie salad with an in-house oil based vinaigrette. All diabetic options will serve a market who are seeking a healthier meal – without the white flour and white sugar ingredients. This shows NGCInc is listening to the community and are working hard to bring wholesome and fulfilling choices for all hungry customers.

It began in the beginning and has been so named…

On January 4, 2015, NGCI incorporated 1936815 Alberta Ltd with the purpose of opening a new ‘start up’ café business that will be managed under the new name of “Pemiciso Café & Bistro”.  After conducting a primary survey in the community on naming the Café, the Pemiciso name turned out to be a favorite that is unique and true to the Cree nation while teaching the meaning of a Cree term used to describe an activity that people love to do everyday – to sit, and eat.

The Pemiciso Café & Bistro is expected to open its doors before the end of the month of October 2017, after renovations, staff training, and after the seating area is set up.

The Pihtwahew & Gift Shop will also be opening in the month of October when all licences are in place, inventory is delivered, and furniture is installed – and not necessarily in that order.  The Pihtwahew & Gift Shop will be open for the public and will be selling cigarettes; tobacco; accessories.  Pendleton Blankets; towels; mugs and travel mugs.  Beaded earrings and jewellery; other light gifts will be added and some confectionary items such as chips; gum; drinks and Pemiciso Café & Bistro made sandwiches from the grab n go cooler.  We are pleased to be at your service and look forward to seeing you drop in and find that perfect gift or to shop for convenience.

Ay-hiy!  Ekosi!