NGCI Posting for a Board of Director – ECN Citizen

The Neyaskweyahk Group of Companies Inc. (NGCI) currently are seeking applicants for one Board of Director – Ermineskin Cree Nation Citizen. The application deadline is October 29th, 2019.

The Board consists of a maximum of five Business Professionals bringing various perspectives of business and leadership experience. The Board make up is 3 ECN Citizens and 2 Independent (Non ECN Citizens) of which one Board Members is Chairman. NGCI Directors are appointed for a three-year term which can be renewed with Chief and Council approval.

Here is a prevue to NGCI Corporate Governance Standards:

NGCI Corporate Board Governance refers to oversight mechanisms, including the processes, structures and information used for directing and overseeing the management of a company. It encompasses the means by which members of the Board and Senior management are held accountable for their actions and for the establishment and implementation of oversight functions and processes. Governance approaches will differ among companies. However, the fundamental elements of good governance include active concern with, understanding of and diligent discharge of responsibilities in a prudent manner.

  • reviewing and approving organizational structure and controls;
  • reviewing and approving organizational and procedural controls, and satisfying themselves that these controls are operating effectively,
  • ensuring that the President & CEO and other members of senior management are qualified, competent and compensated in a manner that is consistent with appropriate prudent incentives;
  • taking an active role in the review and approval of board strategies, company objectives and plans;
  • reviewing and approving policies for major initiatives and activities f) monitoring of performance against business objectives, strategies and plans;
  • obtains reasonable assurance on a regular basis that the company is operating within an appropriate control framework; and
  • undertaking succession planning for the position of the President & CEO and other critical senior management positions.

Please review our Career Opportunities on how to apply for this position!